Monday, May 31, 2010

Song of the Day

Title: Clock With No Hands
Artist: The Roots
Album: Game Theory

Yeah, sitting in the staircase, holding back tears
Looking over mad years worth of photographs
Pictures of some places I ain't never going back
Some people I used to love, why I ain't show them that?
The skies was overcast, when I was sober last
My head is spinning, couldn't tell you if it's slow or fast
It's starting to get too clear, I got to go and grass
To y'all it's a shame but life is what we know it as
Waiting, navigating the plot, without plans
In the car, it's hard to read as a clock with no hands
How your man's goin' get up and stop with no yams
All it take is one break, it could pop the program
Whether sinning or not, my back bending like I'm sentenced a lot
I feel some brothers is beginning to plot
It might have been a close friend I forgot
Who started up and ain't remember to stop
I bet these niggaz going remember the shop

People think that I'm crazy, just cause I wanna be alone
You can't depend on friends to help you in a squeeze
We all deal with shit on our own
And sometimes the beef can grow, get out of hand
Yeah, you know it gets full blown
I never said that you mean the world to me
Maybe it's best that you never know

Yo, I'm like Malcom out the window with the weapon out
Searching for somehow to find a minute or the second now
Precious time is money that I ain't got to mess about
Need it from the horse's mouth or from my eye with less account
Lessons with my back to the wall, scoping my session out
Stay a little edgy at times when I ain't stressing bout
Haters don't know shit about me, they the ones that talk shit
Those that love me send it out, so I ain't got to force quit
Cause I'm doing better now, don't mean I never lost shit
I was married to a state of mind and I divorced it, man
I'm from where brothers moving product from the porches
People locking their doors, clutching to their crosses
The block hot by the law, there ain't too many choices
So what I do is for y'all, there ain't too many voices left
I watch my back, and watch my step
And I might forgive, but I will not forget come on


Yo, living in turbulent times
The blind leading the blind
Some call it evolution, some say intelligent design
You say you want a revolution, you out of your mizind
Your sons' destitute, and their pops all in the prison
My man's back in the jam, he like the back of my hand
He just attracted to scam, he right back in the can
I never sleepwalking, you dig
You get your shuteye
I'm on the first thing in, I'm leaving on the red-eye
My brother back in rehab, just had another relapse
But fin himself, it's been like he's been fighting an energy
Half telling me nobody true when they pretend to be that
So closer than friends, that's where I keep my enemy at
To many parties concerned, it's time to live it and learn
Until we're able to grow, forever bridges we burn
My thoughts free as a bird, that's just about to emerge
And every action is heard, it speaks louder than words, yo

Life is a Gift

Life is a gift
That no one should take for granted
Live and let live
Should be the creed on this planet.

Sometimes it's not that simple
And we tread on others
When things get ugly
Remember we are all brothers.

Whether black or white
Or anywhere in between
Pray for what's fair to all
And everything will be serene.

BP Oil Spill

After reading some of The Philadelphia Inquirer today, I was reminded why I rarely read newspapers. The latest update in the BP oil spill is that in may continue leaking until late August. Not what I wanted to hear. There is no sense in placing blame on people this late in the game, but I can understand why Gulf Coast residents are so infuriated with BP and the federal government. My heart goes out to those affected by the crisis, especially the fishermen. As for the other articles I read, let’s just say I don’t like reading about shootings, kidnappings, and fallen soldiers. Keep the peace.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fame and its Pitfalls

I wrote a poem not too long ago entitled "Fame," and posted it on the blog. I also recently wrote a poem about the penalties of being wealthy and famous entitled "The Root of all Evil." I wrote these two poems because I've been having an identity crisis for at least three months now. On one hand, I want to remain as anonymous as possible in my pursuits as a writer and occasional photographer. On the other hand, I am an ambitious individual and strive to be not only successful, but respected in my endeavors as an artist. Unfortunately, once you reach a certain level of success (i.e. celebrity status), money and fame can torment even the strongest individuals. Although I am far from rich and have accomplished nothing professionally as a writer, it has occured to me that I have inherited several titles that are quite overbearing, albeit flattering. The last time I visited D.C., I had several strangers refer to me as "Jesus," "Neo (like in The Matrix)," "The One (The Matrix)," and "Abe Lincoln." OK, hopefully this is sheer coincidence but something tells me it's not. My stay in D.C. wasn't nearly as pleasant as I wanted it to be with all this nonsense going on. How did these people even know what I look like? And what specifically have I done to earn such nicknames, even if they are partly in jest? Even if this blog has helped a lot of people see the world differently or inspired them in some capacity, no one is worthy of the aforementioned nicknames (again, even if they are in jest). I appreciate recognition when it's deserved, but not necessarily from strangers labeling me as something I'm not capable of being. It's absurd. Blasphemous. I don't perform miracles. I don't have a following of disciples. I don't have the power to help humanity free itself from "the machines." I didn't free any slaves (though Lincoln didn't single-handedly free the slaves). I'm just me. So treat me like any other stranger. I'm sure most affirmed and established celebrities would echo this request.

Movie of the Day

Title: The Thin Red Line
Director: Terrence Malick
Starring: James Caviezel, Sean Penn, Adrien Brody, Ben Chaplin, George Clooney

Album of the Day

Title: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Review: Buy it!

Song of the Day

Title: Power
Artist: Kanye West
Album: Good Ass Job

Monday, May 24, 2010

Explanation of Seemingly Socialist Claims

I know I have made certain claims on this blog that may appear pro-socialist or pro-communist. I have made statements like, "share the wealth," which may sound like it advocates socialism/communism. I do not advocate socialism/communism, but I do believe our economy needs some fundamental work. I was reminded by the line in Lupe Fiasco's "American Terrorist": "the rich must be blind 'cause they don't see the poor," that our capitalist system needs to be refined and our social values need to be reexamined to have an economy where everyone has the opportunity to live well. I grew up in a lower-middle class household and it frightens me that the middle class is thinning away as the difference between the lower and upper class is becoming increasingly larger. Part of the problem lies in the American tradition of extremely wealthy families hoarding money for generation after generation without using that wealth to invest in businesses outside of their family's expertise. Doing so could create new jobs and open windows of opportunity for the middle and lower classes. Another part of the problem lies in our country's fame-obsessed psyche. If you think about it, our celebrity-obsessed culture has a negative impact on the economy's productivity and our social values. Why do we need to have reality shows focusing on NBA wives and the Housewives of Wherever-the-Fuck? Personally, I find intelligent, career-oriented women to be much more attractive. Not to mention useful for the economy. I think most men would agree. Anyway, the point is these people are lost causes when it comes to upholding a healthy capitalist system. I will continue with this entry tomorrow, I have to watch Housewives of New Jersey. Just kidding.

Wish for the Day

We've said this a few times, but our wish for the day is PEACE. Put down the arms and seek personal restitution through words and reason. ONE.

Ancient Aliens

I've been watching this series on the History Channel called "Ancient Aliens," and it has presented some interesting theories that challenge our current understanding of religion and the historical progression of culture and industry. The series basically provides evidence that the "gods" described in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism may have been extra-terrestrial beings. I have mixed feelings about god in the traditional sense, but certainly believe in some sort of "higher power," so these conjectures are right up my alley. There are six episodes in the series: "The Mission," "Chariots, Gods, and Beyond," "The Evidence," "The Visitors," "Closer Encounters," and "The Return." Check out your local listings. The last episode, "The Return," airs tomorrow at 8 pm.

Album of the Day

Title: Riot Act
Artist: Pearl Jam
Review: Buy it!

Song of the Day

Title: American Terrorist
Artist: Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos
Album: Food and Liquor

(the lyrics might be a little off here, I couldn't find a good source for them)

Close your mind
close your eyes
see with your heart
how do you forgive the murderer of your father?
the ink of a scholar is worth a thousand times more than the blood of a martyr

we came through the storm nooses on our necks
and a smallpox blanket to keep us warm
on a 747 on the pentagon lawn
wake up the alarm clock is connected to a bomb
anthrax lab on a w. virginia farm
shorty aint learned to walk already heavily armed
civilians and little children is especially harmed
camouflaged torahs, bibles and glorious qurans
the books that take you to heaven and let you meet the Lord there
have become misinterpreted, reasons for warfare
we read em with blind eyes i guarantee u there's more there
the rich must be blind b/c they didnt see the poor there
need to open up a park, just close 10 schools
we dont need em
can u please call the fire department they're down here marchin for freedom
burn down their TV's, turn their TV's on to teach em


Now the poor klu klux man see that we're all brothers not b/c things are the same b/c we lack the same color that's green, now that's mean
cant burn his cross cause he cant afford the gasoline
now if a muslim woman strapped with a bomb on a bus
with the seconds running give you the jitters?
just imagine a American-based christian orginization planning to poison water supplies to bring the second-coming quicker
nigga they aint livin properly
break em off a little democracy
turn their whole culture to a mockery
give em coca-cola for their property
give em gum, give em guns, get em young, giv em fun
if they aint givin it up, then they aint gettin none and dont giv em all naw ,man, just give em some its the paper, then these cops must be al-qaeda


It's like
don't give the black man food, give red man liquor
red man fool, black man nigga
give yellow man tool, make him railroad builda
also give him pan, make him pull gold from river give black man crack, glocks to teens, give red man craps, slot machines...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

As The World Turns

As the world turns,
And my head keeps spinning
What is it about this planet
That keeps good from winning?
Why do I worry and stress?
It's not anyone's job personally
To clean up this mess.

As the world turns,
Something's got in me
It's tearing at my heart
And it wants me to start
Heading down a path I could never foresee
We're all put on this planet for a reason
Can I escape destiny?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Album of the Day

Title: Lasers
Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Review: Buy it!!!

Song of the Day

Title: My Angel
Artist: The Realest

The Root of Evil

Oh, what people won't do for the root of evil -
When men define themselves by the size of their bank account,
Or the car they drive,
Or the mansion in which they reside.
Take it in vain,
While the poor and forgotten struggle to stay sane.

Be careful what you wish for -
The root of evil.
Turns out you were happier being piss poor.
How did it ever come to this?
You wonder as you face the crowd.
The sea of followers with their idol worship
Can't save you now.
Guess it's time to take your final bow
For the root of evil.

Video of the Day

2Pac - Pain