Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Growing Up

I think the biggest part of growing up involves being able to recognize that no man is an island. We all think that once we leave the nest and become independent that we've become adults. I've learned that that is usually not the case. That's why I left the nest, fucked up a bunch of times, and decided to come back with some encouragement from my family and friends. I'm 24 now and living back at home and am not at all embarrassed to say so. With the way the economy is going it's probably a decent plan for the next year anyway. I cherish being around my family because those days are numbered. And I cherish being back in the area I grew up in. It brings back great memories and I love seeing familiar faces. The more I think about it, I may never leave the Philadelphia area. I can see myself spending the rest of my life here. The people are genuine, hard-working, and passionate. I've decided that teaching (and writing on the side) is likely to be my career path as I believe it is a great way to give back to the community and mold future generations. When I was a bike messenger in D.C. I thought it was a great way to interact with the community too, but there was no way I was going to do it forever. It's too damn dangerous. I had enough close calls with traffic in the four months I did it that I had to hang my helmet up. I'm attracted to danger in a sense, but I'm not that crazy. The job taught me a lot though and it made me fall in love with the city, even though I rant about the politicians all the time. Anyway, I just thought I'd pass a few thoughts along about growing up as there was an article in "The New Yorker" not too long ago about how my generation is either returning home to their parents or going back to school after finishing undergraduate degrees. It's an interesting phenomenon and I think the bottom line is that kids these days are reexamining their direction in life at an earlier age and not immediately jumping into a career they are not entirely sure about. It's like we're all having mid-life crises at 22 or 23. I know I feel that way sometimes, but it helps focus your judgment on what moves you want to make with your life and where they will ultimately take you. The pursuit of happiness is whatever you make it to be.

Song of the Day

Title: Mrs. International
Artist: Method Man & Redman feat. Eric Sermon
Album: Blackout 2

I highly recommend watching the video for this one. It's hysterical.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where Did It Come From?

Where did it come from?
This unbearable stress
I know I deserve this mess
But at the same time
I'm incredibly blessed.

I'm so happy I could cry
I feel so old I could die
But won't anytime soon
It's a beautiful paradox
Being an intelligent buffoon.

I want to give back to the world
My soul for all to see
By offering my spoken word
I hope one day I'll feel free
Free as a bird.

Song of the Day

Title: Goodbye
Artist: DMX

Poison (compliments to Nas)

Drugs and the lies behind the game
Misleading the youth in exchange for fame
I might be guilty of it once
But not anymore
Like showing love to a whore
Heroine needles washing up on shore
Killing an enemy just to even the score
I might be guilty of it once
But only in metaphor
Religions eternally at war
When will it end?
So our children's souls can soar.

Song of the Day

Title: The Resistance
Artist: Drake
Album: Thank Me Later

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rebuilding Bridges

In the past year, I've been going through some serious life changes. I started to lose trust in some people I consider dear friends of mine. People I grew up with and went to college with that, in reality, would probably never do me wrong. But it's a crazy world and admittedly I was missing my old stomping grounds. I was self-medicating and researching material I will describe as "higher learning." And it gave me some crazy ideas. And I acted on those ideas and it got me in some trouble with the government. I meant no malice, I was just acting instinctually and doing what I thought at the time was "right and just." If I could rewind time, then I would have done things differently. I burned a few bridges I didn't mean to burn. In time I hope to rebuild those bridges. For now I need time to think and examine myself and the world around me. And humble myself. Pride can be a killer and an acute cause of stress. Peace.

Party Crasher

That car crash last July
Really opened my eyes.
Is God trying to tell me
I was moving too fast?

Had to reexamine the world around me
And start to believe, maybe He found me.
Now I was never one to get religious
But damn the devil can be vicious.

So to the city I called home for five years
Sorry I went a little crazy
But my brain was a little hazy
It was time to do some party crashin'
And I might be a ghost, but not an assassin.
Power to the people, and that was only the prequel.
Violence is not the answer
But give Capitol Hill the truth
And that truth spreads like cancer.

Song of the Day

Title: One Mic
Artist: Nas
Album: Stillmatic

Dream On

"If people don't laugh at your dream, it ain't big enough." - Bizzle

Monday, September 20, 2010

D.C. (Dirty Capital)

I knew the Cap like the back of my hand
Something here just ain't right
Round-the-clock hustlers
About to give up the fight.

The homeless and the hopeless
And the dirty politicians don't want to admit wrong
Do they really wanna get rid of the dope fest?
In a concrete jungle where misery is the theme song.

When the drug trade is run by the government
How can you tell dealers to make an honest living?
How can I keep from being a walking contradiction?
I might be a hypocrite, but I can see through fiction.

Song of the Day

Title: Hollywood Divorce
Artist: Outkast feat. Lil' Wayne, Snoop Dogg
Album: Idlewild

Starts off like a small town marriage
Lovely wife and life, baby carriage
Now all the stars have cars, success of course
But it ends in Hollywood divorce, Hollywood divorce

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
And I'm a start
Yea, and I don't have to go to Hollywood
'Cause Hollywood come through my neighborhood with cameras on
I really think they're stealin from us like a sample song
I really wish one day we'd take it back like Hammer's home
The hurricane come and took my Louisiana home
And all I got in return was a darn country song
This whole country wrong
What would you write if you just put a little ice on
And cut your mic on
But you don't even write songs
But Hollywood make you spit like a python
I meant Cobra, I'm so not sober
I'm high like a Hollywood coffee or soda
You can call me a roller
Your grill's glistenin'
Spent a hundred thousand on mine to feel different
What's the real sense of it?
Bling bling, I know
And did you know I'm the creator of the term
I just straightened the perm
Aint let it sit too long, they just makin it burn
And make a movie of our lifestyle
But they earn like a dead body burned on a mantlepiece
That's why I try not to lie on wax like this candle grease
And I be's the little nigga
Cooler than anti-freeze defrost on your window pane - Lil Wayne
But in Hollywood it's Litt-le Wayne
Don't make me nut
So that's why I got a pre-nup
I do


[Verse 2: Andre 3000]
Yeah, Yeah
A is for Adamsville
B is Bowen Homes
See if I give a fuck if you like me you know I don't
If she ain't got a good head on her leave that ho alone
If she do got some good head on her let her sing a song
D is for what I serve, I don't be on no curb
She ain't no junkie neither, I ain't no dope dealer
But she keep comin back three stacks must be some crack
Put that pipe in her lap, she ain't know how to act
Now that I've got your undivided attention I'm
Gonna say this and run under condition one
Promise me you gon' stack, promise me you gon' ball
Promise me you'll invest three fourths of it all
For what? So your kids, kids, kids can have some cheese
Can't get with it? Get get get get get on your knees
Cause wealth is the word
Rich is round the corner from the curb
Don't like what I write? Shoot me a bird

[Verse 3: Big Boi]
(Starts off)
Tenth grade, the way was pave for me and Dre. to create
Like Dr. Frankenstein the arts and crafts
Now could we make a difference
Antoine Patton and Andre Benjamin
Been jammin for you crabbing rap niggaz and journalists
That's quick to misprint public and private business
Then retract back for deaf ears and think it's dismissed
Part two the sequel all new 'Kast
Just ain't the same gang of nerds on the internet
Slanndering your name behind that screen name
They're lame and their life is pretty plain
M&M's with no nuts
Won't show up face-to-face straight bitch made
Like puppies on the nipples of a mutt
Address it on a case-by-case basis like the judge
What about these lyin' ass hoes tryin to plot
Or these niggaz on the block who want the queen (Nigga please)
But even she can walk we'll miss her we ain't gon' fake it
But God don't make mistakes must be something bigger waiting


[Verse 4: Snoop Dogg]
I do, love you but you hate me at the same time
Lights, camera, action, it's game time
Do you take this here as your lovely wife?
To love her and cherish her for all your life?
I solemnly swear to dare share take you there
And me and you together baby we a lucky pair
It's been a long time, we walked a thin line
Others say they got you but you been mine
As I sit back and watch all them cat fights
Domestic violence - is that right?
But you love the dogg, gave me the spotlight
And now I'm growin up, showin up, blowin up
I never ever thought that we would separate at all
But you played me like a game of football
Used to feed me, need me, dress me
Now it's so messy straight cut out and left me

[Andre 3000]
Hollywood divorce
All the fresh styles always start off as a good little hood thing
Look at blues, rock, jazz, rap
Not even talkin about music
Everything else too
By the time it reach Hollywood it's over
But it's cool
We just keep it goin and make new shit

[Snoop Dogg]
Take our game, take our name
Give us a little fame
And then they kick us to the curb that's a cold thang

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who Am I To Judge?

Who am I to judge? But when the shit hits the fan, I will not budge, I've been through hell like anyone else, just need some time to focus on judging myself. Split personality, so in reality, I'm only my own casualty. You can try me if you want, but I'm gonna keep it blunt, you know we all front.

Song of the Day

Title: Lucky Me
Artist: Jay-Z
Album: In My Lifetime: Vol. 1

How can you fairly assess something from the outside looking in?
There's gotta be them times you'll be wrong. Nah Mean?
How can a mother fucka go round and hate a nigga
he never even met that he dont even know and shit?
I think this rap shit is all beef

Y'all dont even know every day I'm livin with stress
Got up out the streets you think a nigga could rest
Can't even enjoy myself at a party unless
I'm on the dance floor hot ass vest
You think I'm freakin' these chicks right?
I'try not to brush against they chest
You get a lawsuit for shit like that, I feel trapped
Swear to everything when I leave this earth
It's gon' be on both feet, never knees in the dirt
You could try me fucka but when I squeeze it hurts, fine
We'll lose two lives, yours and mines
Gimme any amount of time dont let Ms. Carter grieve
at the funeral parlor drippin' tears on my sleeve
Told the judge didn't budge it was him or me
and I ain't trying to be hard but I'm guilty as charged
Put my mercy on this court and my faith in God
And pray hard none of my nephews wanna be stars...Lucky Me

Chorus: Karen Anderson

You only know what you see,
You dont understand what it takes to be me.

I hate all girls with alterior motives
That's why I'm twenty plus years old, no sons no daughters
Hate putting my life in the hands of fake promoters
Hear the hate in my voice right? I hate that you noticed
Niggas wanna strip to the bone for shit you own
Hate a nigga like that faggot, get your own
Hate that I can't roam the street without the clip and chrome
Knowing one day Im'a have to flip, c'mon
You know the shit don't stop 'til the Crist don't pop
And you have to kill a nigga and your wrist don't lock
I'm trapped the whole worlds against me in fact,
It aint no turning back. Bring It On
Hate the price of fame cause it cost too much
Can I live without y'all niggas saying I floss too much?
Hate the way you make this hate flow all through us
Steady looking for flaws through us.... Lucky Me

Chorus: Karen Anderson, Jay-Z

You only know what you see,
You dont understand what it takes to be me
You only know what you see,
(Since I was 4 years old, I been told, everything that glitters ain't gold)
You dont understand what it takes to be me
(And now that I've arrived
I see those truths unfold before my eyes in this world so cold)

Nigga see you in the street, pretend to be friendly
But I know any type of success breeds envy
I know in the back of your mind your conjuring ways to hen me
Leave my friends in a circle pouring out Henny
But G's is heaven bound so how I'm gon' receive
Anything y'all pour to the ground next time throw it up
And ain't nothing changed so even in my afterlife I show it up
Dont grieve for me my art remains
like a dart from the speaker to your heart
Spiritually through the portal now my words as a mortal
Plan to leave without a fight I plant a seed I give life
Though I can't see past the girls greed to call her wife
Next time your thinking heist better be precise
Cause I'm fully prepared. One of us is gon' leave here
I have no regrets even though I wanna see grow
My godsons Boogie, Sonny and Rimo

Chorus x 4

Friday, September 10, 2010

Song of the Day

Title: Through the Wire
Artist: Kanye West
Album: The College Dropout

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Song of the Day

Title: Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 1)
Artist: Outkast
Album: Aquemini

Inspirations, Personal Dilemmas, Atonement

I've been looking for the right words to set the record straight about myself and this blog for quite sometime now, and I believe I am now ready to do that. My name is Shea Kelly and I am at what many would call a personal crossroad. That doesn't mean I think I am Jesus, nor do I aspire to be. I aspire to be the greatest I can be while staying as true to myself as possible. The purpose of this blog is to address several issues: the United States government and where it is leading us, contemporary art (writing, music, visual art, video/film, etc.) and its place in society, and most importantly, the individual struggle of everyone on Earth to find peace of mind and happiness and the external factors that affect that struggle. All of these things are correlated. There are many rumors out there circulating through the general public's conscience that a particular group called the 'Illuminati' are in some way in control of the aforementioned topics. I don't necessarily believe this to be true, but I can't help being curious about such a compelling storyline. This group, to the best of my knowledge, has been at war with religious institutions for centuries. This war has appeared to reach its tipping point if you begin to delve into its effects on the human subconscious. The signs are everywhere in pop culture and politics. This ordeal leads to some basic but paradoxically complex questions. First, what is best for the world and its future? Second, who is to blame for the apparent depravity of today's world? Third, where do we go from here and how do we find a comfortable balance between religion and science (what the Illuminati and Stone Masons essentially represent)? I don't have these answers, but I am trying to pursue them as rigorously as possible without compromising others' personal lives too much. In my comprehensive search, which I hope will bring world peace (I know that sounds corny but someone has to do it), I am trying to stay as neutral as possible which will naturally offend a few people. Sorry, but that's the way it goes. So in the spirit of neutrality I am now going to thank and simultaneously apologize to some of my inspirations: my father, my mother, my step-dad, my step-mom, Pa and Mims, my sister, my brother from another mother Dwight, my family/extended family (the Kelly's and Johnson's, Broll's, Lord's, and Overton's, etc.), the N.F.L./Morton crew, all my Strath Haven friends to whom I owe everything, all my Lville friends to whom I owe everything, all my GWU friends to whom I owe everything, all my teachers and coaches throughout my school years, and to all those I have met in person but forgot to mention - thank you. And now to the stars: President Obama, The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan, Beanie Sigel and all of State Property, Green Day, Nas, Common, Kanye West, Pearl Jam, Korn, Redman, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Rakim, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Eminem, Blackalicious, Underwater Peoples Records, Phocused Records, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Chamillionaire, Lloyd Banks, Incubus, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, John Legend, Lupe Fiasco, D'Angelo, Musiq, Outkast, KRS-One, System of a Down, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Silverchair, Nirvana, DMX, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Snoop Dogg, The Game, The Bouncing Souls, Kid Cudi, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Clipse, and to all musicians, writers, photographers, graffiti artists, actors, dancers, hustlers, painters, graphic artists, filmmakers, athletes, businessmen, businesswomen, mothers, fathers, and all those who are doing what they love and trying to paint the perfect picture for their lives and the rest of humankind - thank you. We are all blessed and need to seek the truth to experience life to its fullest. Sometimes the truth hurts, but you have to roll with the punches. ONE LOVE.

Song of the Day

Title: Pursuit of Happiness
Artist: Kid Cudi feat. MGMT
Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Song of the Day

Title: The Hypnotic
Artist: The Roots
Album: Illadelph Halflife

Song of the Day

Title: The People
Artist: Common
Album: Finding Forever

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Album of the Day

Title: Evil Empire
Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Review: Revolutionary band and revolutionary album. Buy it!

Song of the Day

Title: Perfect World
Artist: Method Man
Album: Tical 2000: Judgement Day

Album of the Day

Title: Backspacer
Artist: Pearl Jam
Review: Classic music as always from Eddie Vedder & Co. Buy it!

Song of the Day

Title: Better Days
Artist: Pearl Jam

Just A Thought

Life begins when you stop worrying too much about yourself and begin to help improve others' lives.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lost Souls

We're all lost souls
Trying to find our way
Thinking what we do is righteous
Doesn't necessarily
Give us the right of way.

Disregard religion
I'm talking spirituality
I've seen those that follow ancient scriptures
Lose touch with reality.

They say tough times don't last
But tough people do
Put the tough times in the past
And the light will shine through.

Song of the Day (a lot of people are gonna hate me for this one, sorry hoes)

Title: Ether
Artist: Bizzle

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Album of the Day

Title: Follow the Leader
Artist: Korn
Review: Buy it! Ill metal straight to the head.

Song of the Day

Title: Follow The Leader
Artist: Eric B. & Rakim
Album: Follow The Leader

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Retraction of Certain Statements

Early on in this blog I said some pretty radical things that may have lead people to believe I am some sort of heartless zealot. I would first like to say that I do not condone poor kids robbing from middle to upper-class yuppies. I simply have a prejudice against the types of companies yuppies work for and therefore see such acts as chipping away at corporate America. So, to any yuppies I may have offended, I apologize. Secondly, I am far from a gun nut. I support the Second Amendment, but my general distrust in the competency of most Americans to safely and responsibly use firearms makes me wish our streets were completely clear of guns. Anyone can shoot someone, but a real man fights hand-to-hand. So drop the firearms and learn some martial arts people. I mean, wouldn't it be super sweet if we had a country full of kung fu masters battling out their disputes UFC style? The police could referee the fights and yell "FINISH HIM!," a la Mortal Kombat, at the end of the fight. Anyway, those are my two apologies and you won't see me issue them often, so relish these two.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Song of the Day

Title: Patience
Artist: Nas & Damian Marley
Album: Distant Relatives


[Nas Talking - Intro]
Here we are
here we are
This one right here is for the people

[Hook] (Sample -MAMADOU & MARIAM, "SABALI")
Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkontê
Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kiye
Ni kêra môgô
Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, yonkontê
Sabali, Sabali, Sabali, kagni
Ni kêra môgô

[Nas Talking]
Ay yo D. Lets go all the way on this one.

[Damian Marley - Verse 1]
Some of the smartest dummies
Can't read the language of Egyptian mummies
An' a fly go a moon
And can't find food for the starving tummies
Pay no mind to the youths
Cause it's not like the future depends on it
But save the animals in the zoo
Cause the chimpanzee dem a make big money
This is how the media pillages
On the TV the picture is
Savages in villages
And the scientist still can't explain the pyramids, huh
Evangelists making a living on the videos of ribs of the little kids
Stereotyping the image of the images
And this is what the image is
You buy a khaki pants
And all of a sudden you say a Indiana Jones
An' a thief out gold and thief out the scrolls and even the buried bones
Some of the worst paparazzis I've ever seen and I ever known
Put the worst on display so the world can see
And that's all they will ever show
So the ones in the west
Will never move east
And feel like they could be at home
Dem get tricked by the beast
But a where dem ago flee when the monster is fully grown?
Solomonic linage whe dem still can't defeat and them coulda never clone
My spiritual DNA that print in my soul and I will forever Own Lord


[Nas talking]
Yeah, Sabali. Thats patience. That's what the old folks told me...
Discovering the World before this World. A World buried in time
Uncover with rhymes. It gets no realer

[Damian Marley: Verse 2]
Huh, we born not knowing, are we born knowing all?
We growing wiser, are we just growing tall?
Can you read thoughts? can you read palms?
Huh, can you predict the future? can you see storms, coming?
The Earth was flat if you went too far you would fall off
Now the Earth is round if the shape change again everybody woulda start laugh
The average man can't prove of most of the things that he chooses to speak of
And still won't research and find out the root of the truth that you seek of
Scholars teach in Universities and claim that they're smart and cunning
Tell them find a cure when we sneeze and that's when their nose start running
And the rich get stitched up, when we get cut
Man a heal dem broken bones in the bush with the wed mud
Can you read signs? can you read stars?
Can you make peace? can you fight war?
Can you milk cows, even though you drive cars? huh
Can you survive, Against All Odds, Now?


[Nas talking]
It's crazy when you feed people the truth you don't know how they're gonna react
You're scared of wrong doers, people that just ignorant
You're scared of the truth, be patient for now

[Nas: Verse 3]
Who wrote the Bible? Who wrote the Qur'an?
And was it a lightning storm
That gave birth to the Earth
And then dinosaurs were born? damn
Who made up words? who made up numbers?
And what kind of spell is mankind under?
Everything on the planet we preserve and can it
Microwaved it and try it
No matter what we'll survive it
What's hue? what's man? what's human?
Anything along the land we consuming
Eatin', deletin', ruin
Trying to get paper
Gotta have land, gotta have acres
So I can sit back like Jack Nicholson
Watch n-ggas play the game like the lakers
In a world full of 52 fakers
Gypsies, seances, mystical prayers
You superstitious? throw salt over your shoulders
Make a wish for the day cuz
Like somebody got a doll of me
Stickin' needles in my arteries
But I can't feel it
Sometimes it's like 'pardon me, but I got a real big spirit'
I'm fearless.... I'm fearless
Don't you try and grab hold of my soul
It's like a military soldier since seven years old
I held real dead bodies in my arms
Felt their body turn cold, oh
Why we born in the first place
If this is how we gotta go?

This goes to all the wisdom and knowledge seekers of the World
Sabali, Patience, yeah