Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movie of the Day

Title: Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Salma Hayek, Willem Dafoe, Mickey Rourke, Eva Mendes

Song of the Day

Title: Beach Chair
Artist: Jay-Z
Album: Kingdom Come

If Money Makes The World Go Round

If money makes the world go round
What makes it stop?
Because there's gotta be something
To put an end to the cyclical plot
An end to the dough
An end to the cycle of pimps and hoes.

And since money makes the world go round
We'll always have corrupt governments
Run by heartless, greedy clowns
They think war is the answer
Well I hope karma catches up to them
And they all get cancer
For the lives they have taken
And I hope there is a God
So they will not be forsaken
And condemned to a life of eternal fire
After all, they want to play with the devil
Isn't that their desire?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Demons In My Head

The demons in my head
Are telling me to go back to the old me
So I tell myself "nope" the old me was a monster
I'd rather chill with my Pops
Maybe adopt a foster
Cause that's the way I've felt my whole life
My Dad never taught me much
Let me figure it out on my own
And for that I'm blessed
It made me the man I am today
The new and improved Shea
Could've got trapped in the drug game
Until I woke up one day and realized that was so lame
So I think I'll go back to school
Forget chasing the fame
Maybe record a few raps
But I'll always be the same.